Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Allegedly)

Eagle eyed Inspire a Jen readers will have noticed a sporting cease-fire this week, which has ocurred due to “unforseen circumstances”. This is going to continue into next week, too, though this time because I’m off to New York to tear it up with Uncle Becky and Simon. It’s going to be JUST like Sex and the City, but without people who look like feet.

So fret ye not – the inspiration is strong, albeit a little tiring, and I’ll return in a couple of weeks with a thrilling post about table tennis and hopefully a bit of a clue about which sports I’m going to tackle next. And, of course, by the time I return you’ll be desperately missing tales of my sporting antics. Or something.

In the mean time, you can:

  • Read some smug updates from New York over on Twitter by following @inspireajen (where have you been? You missed a debate with Professional Footballers Association chairman and Question Time favourite, Clarke Carlisle, this week);
  • Like my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/inspireajen (most of these followers are people who know/are related to me – why not buck the trend?);
  • Email me – inspireajen@gmail.com – with any thoughts/suggestions about how I might be able to chalk off some of the trickier sports (where does one find a trampoline in London?); or finally
  • If you like the blog, please do share it, so that more facilitators of sporty stuff feel inclined to reply to my pleading emails. That would be nice.

By the way, you’re awesome for continuing to read about my silly project. Unless you’re one of those internet sex pests who finds my blog using some, frankly, pretty harrowing search terms. This is a family show – there’s nothing for you here.

See the rest of you in a couple of weeks xx


© Inspire a Jen, 2013.


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