Inspire a Jen’s 2012 Top 5

Apart from a bit of running and a gymnastics class in preparation for the rhythmic gymnastics competition in the new year, the festive season has put the kibosh on getting through any more sports this side of January. So I thought, just to keep my sporty iron in the fire I would, as is customary during this season, offer up a review of the year. A kind of Top of the Pops of Inspire a Jen – “But who will be Christmas number one?”, I hear you ask. To get you in the mood, why don’t you have a listen to this (ignore the terrifying opening sequence) whilst you read my mercifully brief, Inspire a Jen Top 5 moments (so far)…

And at Number 5 it’s… Taekwondo and Boxing! How super cool are combat sports? Amazingly, they’re not just about kicking/punching people in the face and are incredibly skilful, plus you get to pretend to be Buffy the Vampire slayer whilst getting fit! These have been my favourite sports so far by some margin (who’d have thought I’d find such an affinity with aggressive, violent sports??) and I would strongly recommend Bozdag Taewkondo and Girls in Gloves for anyone in London Town who wants to have a go.

Here I am, ineffectually punching Naomi's hand

Here I am, ineffectually punching Naomi’s hand

Number 4Not vomiting in the water whilst playing water polo. The hardest of the sports I’ve tried over the last 4 months, I’m still not over how amazing this sport is and I couldn’t be more impressed by the Otters, the team I trained with. Admittedly, I was sick in my mouth at the end of it, so it’s probably not for me. It might be for you, though, if you’re fitter, stronger and less averse to the occasional near death experience than I am.

Number 3My very own Olympic opening ceremony.

it's a torch, of sorts

it’s a torch, of sorts

Being as we were in France, I decided that we’d all dress as famous French people to kind of recreate how the Paris 2012 opening ceremony could have been. Naturally I chose David Guetta as my likeness for the evening but unbeknownst to me, John, Nic, Mr Nick, Simon and Uncle Becky had other ideas and all turned up as, erm, me.

Me, as David Guetta holding the £15 Damien Hirst was never going to give me back (long story)

Me, as David Guetta holding the £15 Damien Hirst was never going to give me back (long story)

There was a torch (of sorts), singing, dancing, umbrellas, fireworks, a naked ramble in the forest (what has been seen cannot be unseen, Mr Nick) and lanterns. But as your mum doubtlessly warned you as a child, it’s all fun and games until someone gets pissed and cycles into a ditch. Sad face.

Nic as my marathon running self

Nic as my marathon running self

Simon as my marathon watching self

Simon as my marathon watching self

Mr Nick as my going out self

Mr Nick as my going out self

Uncle Becky as my shite girlband self

Uncle Becky as my shite girlband self

John as my mum (my mum doesn't look like this)

John as my mum (my mum doesn’t look like this)

In second place at Number 2The sporting Twitterati! One of the highlights of the year, it must be said, was getting Team GB’s twitter feed to mention my blog. Not once BUT TWICE. The first mention brought excitement and new followers. The second, however, found me some ACTUAL OLYMPIANS when GB’s Handball player, Sebastian Prieto, took pity on me and pestered his team mates and AN ACTUAL MEDALIST from the hockey team. I heart you all, thanks for sticking around for the incessant references to Beyonce and internet sex pests.

And finally, the undisputed and utterly amazing Inspire a Jen Christmas Number 1Team GB and The London 2012 Olympics. I might cry just thinking about those amazing weeks. I was a HUGE Olympics cynic. I genuinely thought something bad would happen, the transport system would collapse or we’d just eff it up and embarrass ourselves in front of the whole world. So much so that I forgot I’ve always really enjoyed the Olympics, didn’t get any tickets for anything and actually considered leaving London for the duration of it all. I changed my mind during the torch relay when I started to experience an uncharacteristic sense of national pride and enthusiasm. The opening ceremony was truly beautiful and reduced the room of (admittedly drunk) adults I was with to tears. The sun shone and there was an amazing buzz around London, a city that I fell back in love with as I watched the Olympics unfold on giant screens and at all the freebie events with thousands of others.

The inspiration for SImon's costume. Here I am getting pissed on at the women's marathon

The inspiration for SImon’s costume. Here I am getting rained on at the women’s marathon

In fact it was at one of these freebies that the idea for this silly project was conceived, by the irrepressible enthusiasm of OCJOG chair, Maya Freedman. Thank you Maya and thank you Team GB, you truly did inspire me.

*burts into tears*

*burts into tears*

*wipes away solitary tear*

So there you have it, my highlights of the last 4 months. But it’s not over yet and in January alone, I’ll be trying out hockey, rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, volleyball and *fingers crossed* a super exciting game of handball. Watch this space…

Multi-denominational festive greetings to you all, hope you’re as excited about 2013 as I am.

Jen x


© Inspire a Jen, 2013.


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