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London 2012 Olympics. Gosh, we did that well, didn’t we? We’ve smashed our Beijing record, we’re good at more than one sport (that only posh people learn  at school, in any case), and beyond all hope and expectation, the public transport system didn’t grind to a shuddering halt.

Hasn’t it been exciting? Aren’t you glad you stayed in London for it? You’ve not even really begrudged having to hear Heather Small belting out that God awful song, or being reminded about the continuing existence of Brian May, and his resistance to hairdressers for a staggering 36 years.

(Don’t read this bit, Mum) You regret bunking off PE at school now, don’t you? A bit. It’s probably too late now, isn’t it? But WAIT! There are some oldies competing in the Olympics. You can be FOURTY and still row. What about the lass who only started rowing four years ago? I could be an Olympic rower. Except that I don’t really like rowing very much.  I like the look of the Velodrome, but I don’t really like spin classes and it’s the same thing, right? I reckon windsurfing could be fun. But how the eff do you get into that..?

My stream of consciousness was interrupted by Maya, an inspired/generous with praise friend and colleague, as we wandered back from watching the Olympic triathlon triumph of the remarkable Alistair Brownlee. I say remarkable, really just because he won a gold medal, which I believe to be difficult, but I don’t really know that much about triathlons and what constitutes as remarkable in this context, if I’m honest.

“Why don’t you try every Olympic sport and write a blog about it?”


If you’re interested in this project, you want to know more about it or perhaps you have some facilities that you want to give me a nice rate for the use of, contact me on: inspireajen@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Inspire a Jen

  1. I’m assuming you’re based in England but if not, or if your keen on your Olympic sport challenge taking you slightly further afield, caledonia women’s waterpolo team would welcome you. The team is made up of players from the few clubs in Scotland, mainly Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Dundee and we tend to train at the University of Stirling. We’re currently training for the new season, which starts in September. This is the British national league where we’ll be taking on the best the English clubs can through at us. You’re more than welcome to come and join the fun….!!

    Gael logan
    Caledonia captain

    • Hi Gael, thanks very much for the offer, but I’ve already tried water polo – a very impressive sport if you can master it (I was almost sick!)!

      Had some lovely offers from people, so maybe when I’ve finished I’ll try some of the sports again 🙂

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